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Face Cream
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Vichy Idealia For Dry Skin 50ml


The Vichy presents the new day cream Idealia, the first perfect skin care that restores skin health on every level, cell to cell. The Idealia works deep to restore the look of an ideal skin surface.
The result is smoother skin with less relief and uniform pores, uniform color by reducing discoloration and normalization of the microcirculation, smooth wrinkles and expression lines.
Over time, stress, fatigue and environmental conditions make the skin lose data from the ideality. These problems, as you see the skin becomes dull and the dyschromia-intense, the touch-guess its heterogeneity and-feel, as the skin becomes sensitive and reacts to seek renewal.
Laboratories Vichy, continuing to specialize in anti-aging, identified the problems and conducted a global qualitative research (in 385 women of all races aged 20-60 years) resulting in the appointment of a new phenomenon: the loss of ideal skin.
Each woman who participated in the survey expressed in its own way of her dream. All dreams have something in common, besides wrinkles and loss of firmness, the perfect skin: a healthy skin in depth and the surface. A skin that reflects her inner beauty, which behaves as a perfectly healthy and can resist over time, the fatigue and hardships of everyday life. Women want to be able to rely on a depth of effective biological processes and not their skin surface repair, in order to perfect, no marks, perfect skin.

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