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Face Oils
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Apivita Natural Oil Vegetable oil Almond 100ml


100 % natural ingredients


Almond oil is produced from ripe fruit almond


Traditionally used for skin care for face and body , as it is rich in fatty acids , B vitamins , vitamins A & E, and is compatible with the lipids of the epidermis


It provides hydration , nourishment and leaves skin soft and refreshed


It is an ideal carrier of essential oils for massage and body moisturizer after bathing , especially for dry skin


Can be used under your favorite moisturizer for extra hydration or to remove eye makeup, threfontas and stimulating the sensitive eye area


Usage: Gently massage the skin of the face and body until absorbed . Suitable for all skin types . Suitable for the eye area to remove makeup , but also as food for the lashes .


Add essential oils or herbal oils combine together and create your own , personal care product APIVITA.


For external use only .


Store in a cool, shady place .

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