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Now Avocado Oil, 4 OZ


Condition: Skin that needs hydration and increase elasticity.

Solution: 100% Pure Avocado Oil is a natural, nutrient-rich vegetable oil that contains collagen, supporting amino acids and proteins, and vitamins A, D and E. Heavy in texture, Avocado Oil increase epidermal elasticity, and deeply moisturizes and soothes dry and cracked skin. When used as massage oil, is soft, soothing and leaves no oily residue.

The oil of avocado is one of the few oils that do not come from seeds, but is extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit. It is known for its deep penetrating ability and therefore has excellent regenerative properties. Given this, the oil penetrates the skin deeper than other oils, so it is easier to transport nutrients through the outer epidermis of the skin.

The Avocado Oil protects the skin against any form of contamination, and sugars containing avocado producing an antimicrobial film on the skin. Therefore, it is effective in relieving the dryness and itching associated with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

It can also help reduce the chances of Wrinkles and consequently the signs of aging. This is because they contain certain antioxidants that help boost collagen in the upper layer of skin. The Avocado Oil is also high in sterolins, which are reputed to help in the treatment of damaged skin caused by sun, but the signals.

Even rich in lecithin, a fatty acid that helps keep the skin soft and hydrated.


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