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Face Oils
SKU 24096

Pharmasept Cleria Renewal Dry Oil 3 in 1, 100ml


Moisturizing oil anti aging hair, body and face.

The Cleria Renewal Dry Oil 3 in 1 is strong hydrating oil, which contributes to richer hydration of the skin and scalp. Nourishes and gives luster and revitalization in the body, face and hair.

Acts against the first signs of aging due to the concentrated oil Valuable Mastic (Golden Mastic), whose action is to increase the density of the skin and make it more elastic. At the same time, increase the production of the protein Klotho, stimulating epidermal cells. The Klotho protein is useful in the repair of DNA and detoxify the cells and eventual reduction leads detail senescent cells.

The moisturizing oil Cleria Renewal Dry Oil 3 in 1 rebuilds and regenerates the skin, as it contains camellia oil and Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids, which have large amounts of vitamin A and minerals. Retain moisture and increase skin elasticity. Simultaneously, thanks to plant oxygonopoiimenous esters OGT, produced from corn oil, this oil restores rapidly and effectively troubled skin irritated skin.

Instructions: Spray a small amount of oil in any area of ​​the face or the body you want, gently massage. For the scalp, spray the oil to wet hair.

The package contains 100 ml moisturizer oil Cleria Renewal Dry Oil 3 in 1.