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Amalthia Soap


It is excellent against hair loss. With everyday use the hair strengthens and gradually new hairs begin to sprout.

It helps against acne, greasiness, pimples and spots. It does not irritate face or body. It replaces shaving foam offering tightening to the men''s face. It is proper even for bedsore.

AMALTHIA Olive Oil Soap has been approved by different Chemist (Pharmacy) Supplying Associations of Greece and and earned its Registered Trademark approval no.158005. As well as hair re-growth, this soap aids in dandruff control, skin conditioning and skin abrasions. So in other words it is a general healer of the skin.
Use: Wash your hair everyday (or even twice a day) using the soap directly on your hair. Leave the foam for a minute on your head and do a soft massage at the same time. Do not use AMALTHIA soap simultaneously with shampoo or other products.