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Galenic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist 50ml


Galenic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist slip into your bag to use it all day, wherever you are (transport, walking, terraces, sports, etc.). With a simple motion, this water mist gives moisture, stabilizes makeup and freshens the skin. At the same time it protects against pollution, responsible for dehydration and aging. Its fine and gentle composition is loaded with an invisible, stylish and non-sticky veil, ideal for everyday use.
The basic ingredient: The Dandelion extract provides protection to the skin from the harmful effects of pollution. It is the key to preventing aging, offering bright color and smooth skin.
The supplemental ingredients: sorbitol, Glycerin and methyl glycol-20 for hydration

Skin hydration, protection against urban pollution.

Close your eyes and spray 20cm of Galenic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist all over your face, neck and décolleté. Allow to dry without spreading it. Repeat in several cases:
- After the make up to fix it.
- On the means of transport, on the veranda, on the street, during the exercise, at the office ... when the skin needs to be "charged" to protect against pollution, freshness and hydration!

For external use only.
Keep it in a cool, cool place (<25oC), away from children.
Do not use after 12 months of first opening.

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50 ml