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Helenvita Blephacare Duo 14Pcs


Helenvita blephacare duo 14 pieces


The wipes Helenvita blephacare duo enriched with natural solution with PH same as that of tears and has cleaning and conditioning properties. The Helenvita blephacare duo is suitable for use around the eyes and modulate the bacterial load of the skin.

The wipes contain perfumes which can cause an allergic reaction and provide gentle cleansing and helps remove mucus, exfoliation eyelids in the form of dandruff and rev fatty crusts. It allows the setting of the bacterial load and prevents the formation of exudate.

The wipes can be used in adults and children


Way of use:

Use wipes twice a day morning and evening or when you need deep cleaning of the eyelids.

Open the towel with clean hands, gently spend many times the surface of the eyelids and the area around the eyes keeping eyes closed.

If there are persistent secretions is recommended to repeat the treatment leaving the wipe over the area for a few seconds.

It can be used by people who wear contact lenses before and after surgery.


Warnings: Do not apply directly in the eye. Do not ingest.

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