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Facial Mask
SKU 13627

Elicinaxtreme facial mask 75ml



The Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask is the result of many years of studying the physical properties of the active ingredients of the original extract of Elicina snail.

Is base on well known regenerative properties associated with the extract from the snail to which, after thorough scientific studies have shown that it contains: Vitamins B1 and C, and Allantoine Aucubin (active antitoxin local action and increases the natural production collagen). All the extracts contain a double-nutritious, anti-aging and regenerative capacity in the skin.

The Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask is a moisturizing and nourishing mask to minimize the signs of age in the face and slow progress with only an intensive application 10 minutes a week.

The Elicina Xtreme operates as a combination of natural substances for intensive exfoliation and regeneration of the skin, helping to restore elasticity and stability of leaving refreshed and soft.

For best results, also recommended the use of normal face cream or Elicina Plus, depending on the type and skin cream Elicina XT for the delicate eye area.


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