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Facial Mask
SKU 11093

Fadopharm Bio Mask Peeling & Scrub Mask Disposable / exfoliating


Exfoliating facial mask Fadopharm company.


The fabric mask with an exclusive composition with lotion, offers a radical and effective exfoliation, giving a gentle effect on your skin, while helping to discoloration of skin spots, giving shine. Additionally, the disk scrub enriched with porous filters help remove dead cells, renewing the surface layers of your skin. Skin blemishes tend to disappear on. Moreover, the systematic use of exfoliative mask company Fadopharm, your skin becomes revitalized most radiant, smooth and fresh appearance.

The company exfoliating mask Fadopharm, is disposable. We recommend the use of once a week and is suitable for all skin types. Apply the exfoliating mask before going to your bed. Relax and let it act. The active the results are visible in a few weeks by using exfoliative mask as weekly treatment.