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Facial Mask
SKU 11091

Fadopharm Bio Mask Rigenerante Face Mask Disposable / Resuscitation


Facial Rejuvenation Mask of Fadopharm company.


Enriched with precious active ingredients, face mask acts effectively revitalize the facial skin. The composition of herbal extracts, give your skin properties that restore ygrolipidiki balance of the skin, maximizing smoothness and elasticity and minimizes wrinkles and expression lines. Using the company''s resuscitation mask Fadopharm, treats and prevents blemishes caused over time by improving the visible appearance of your face.

The company''s revitalization mask Fadopharm, consists weekly treatment is appropriate in mature skin. Apply the mask in the evening, before bed. Relax and let the company resuscitation mask Fadopharm act. The results are immediately visible in a few weeks of using the mask.
Face mask with rejuvenating properties, is disposable.