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Facial Mask
SKU 29331

Meditrina Mask Plus Acne Gel 30ml


The Mask Plus is a specialized medical product to prevent complications of acne with causes of external factors.
Mask Plus is not sterile and is free of aromatic additives or alcohol.
In its composition contains pvoh alcohol that forms a permeable membrane which isolates and protects the skin from external factors that may exacerbate acne.
Retinoiko acid and glycolic acid through exfoliation favor the mechanical removal of dead cells.
Finally, thanks to the clindamycin that contains the Mask Plus, it acts as an auxiliary, preventing bacterial growth and maintaining a constant level of the total microbial load.

Prevent complications of acne.

Apply the Mask Plus evenly to the affected areas of the skin, preferably in the evening. The next day remove it in the normal way that you clean your skin. Before each use shake the bottle thoroughly.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

30 ml