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Facial Mask
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Talika bio enzymes mask after sun 20g


Talika bio enzymes mask after sun 20g

The cream Talika bio enzymes mask after sun 20g is suitable and ideal for after sun exposure thanks to its rich ingredients it contains. Cares naturally the skin after exposure to sun and is ideal for healthy skin and long lasting tan. Has refreshing, moisturizing and soothing properties suitable for the skin while valuable components containing provide intensive moisturizing and nourishing the skin, leaving it soft as silk. The components of Talika bio enzymes mask after sun 20g are natural and from organic farming.
The After Sun Mask of Talika thanks to enzymes involves creating a "second skin" on the skin and gi` brings a "cool" effect, direct, which moisturizes, soothes and repairs the skin.
The three-dimensional structure retains a high concentration of active ingredient and optimize its distribution on the skin.
The filling with hyaluronic acid and sugars derived from botanical extracts such as Alpine arnica, chamomile, yarrow and gentian, and as a consequence offers a new sensation and immediate relief.
The skin damaged by the sun recedes conspicuously and regenerate.

Content: 20g

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