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Lip Balm
SKU 21242

Fadopharm Inca Rose Diamond Stick Pink


Transparent hydrating stick for care company lips Fadopharm.


The moisturizing stick for lips with hyaluronic acid, provides quick hydration and shine, even the most dull and dehydrated skin thanks to its unique composition High Tech obtained by the combination of oils and resin. Used as a base for lipstick. It is odorless and hypoallergenic product. Multiple are the benefits of using the stick for lip care. Primarily, minimizes wrinkles, signs of aging of the lips, filling them, giving your lips youthfulness. It offers deep hydration and firmness, giving them shine. Your lips look more soft and fleshy. In beautiful white, mint flavor that leaves your lips feeling fresh.
Dermatologist tested product to avoid or minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Apply the product on your lips whenever necessary deserves their hydration. May use it as a base for your lipstick.

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