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Frezyderm Diamond Velvet Wrinkle Fighter 40ml


Frezyderm Diamond Velvet Wrinkle Fighter 

Frezyderm Diamond Velvet Wrinkle Fighter

Innovative combination of a specialized micro-diffusion device with simultaneous serum outflow of strong anti-aging action for mature and/or damaged skin.

225 hexagonal stainless steel headbands help the diffusion and absorption of the active ingredients of the serum into the layers of the skin and at the same time enhance its anti-wrinkle action with immediately visible results within a day.

 Enriched with Diamond Powder of ultimate effectiveness, Diamond Wrinkle Fighter Serum activates cell renewal for instantly rejuvenated skin with a radiant glow. At the same time, its carefully selected combination of anti-aging ingredients that fight both static and dynamic wrinkles increases firmness, skin density and elasticity while enhancing hydration mechanisms.

 With Diamond Wrinkle Fighter, you can have an aesthetic intervention from the comfort of your home!