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M Cosmetics Instant Lifting Serum 15ml


M Cosmetics Instant Lifting Serum 15ml

M Cosmetics Instant Lifting Serum 15ml 

  • Immediate recovery serum
  • Tighten in 5 minutes
  • Protects against irritation
  • Suitable for all skin types

M COSMETICS Instant Lifting Serum is a serum for erection and firming, suitable for all skin types.

With active ingredients of microalgae and 3 types of polysaccharides, they offer the skin visible lifting results and improvement of wrinkles. The skin is protected from irritation, while elasticity and firmness remain for 4 hours. In 2 months the skin acquires toning and elasticity that lasts.

Dermatologically tested.


Instructions of use

Apply to clean skin with circular and upward movements.