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Now CoQ10 Antioxidant Serum, 30ml (1ΟΖ)


Status: Skins have a need for further rehabilitation, especially around the eyes, mouth and forehead, where there is loss of elasticity.

Solution: The serum antioxidant CoQ10, which contains 1% CoQ10 concentrated on repairing damage and physical defects of the skin. The antioxidant CoQ10 protects the skin from damaging environmental radicals from the smog, smoke and other chemicals in the air. A revolutionary natural nutrient-based amino acid that enhances energy levels of the skin for a day full of sparkle and vitality.

Wrinkles appear when skin loses its elasticity, which is due to reduced production of collagen. Everyday life, cell metabolism, exposure to sun and other environmental factors, toxins and cigarette smoke result in the production of free radicals.

While this process is natural and inevitable, as part of metabolism, too many free radicals cause dangerous chain reactions that destroy cellular components and can damage DNA, proteins and lipids (fats). When it comes to skin aging, free radicals interfere with collagen production and cause premature aging.

Coenzyme Q10 has exceptional antioxidant properties. Studies show it can effectively address the damage from free radicals and provides significant protection against UVA, which cause depletion of cell membranes. In other words, helps to prevent destruction of collagen and the normal production process of elastin to prevent wrinkles.


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