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Korres Pure Greek Olive Blossom Promo:Eau De Cologne 100ml + Showergel 250ml


Promo Package * Pure Greek Olive Blossom: Korres pure Greek Olive Blossom Eau De Cologne Cologne Olive blossom 100ml + showergel shower gel olive Blossom 250ml

⇒ Eau De Cologne Cologne Olive Blossom
Refreshing Cologne * * with distinctive aroma of olive blossoms, enriched with olive leaf extract and active aloe, for freshness and toning. With distinctive aroma for toning and freshness
Content: 100 ML

⇒ Shower Gel Olive blossoms
With extract from olive leaves of organic cultivation from olive groves of Crete and notes of sea salt aroma. Shower gel with tonic olive leaf extract, which offers gentle cleansing and shields the natural moisture of the skin. It maintains constant hydration levels, while the synthesis is enhanced with the moisturizing and soothing action of active aloe.
Dermatologically tested
Content: 250 ml

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.
* * Highly flammable product keep away from flame, heat sources, sparks.

*This promotion offer is valid while Supplies Last