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Ducray Anacaps Progressiv 30Caps


The original composition of Anacaps Progressiv gives the hair biotin (vitamin B8), selenium, zinc to help maintain a healthy hair and vitamin B6 that contributes to the smooth synthesis of cysteine. At the same time, vitamin B6 helps maintain a normal hormonal activity. Selenium, zinc, like vitamins B2 and C, helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Hair Diet Supplement Against Progressive Hair Loss. Chronic situations.

Instructions for use
Take a capsule in the morning with a large glass of water. It is recommended to use it for 3 months.

Keep Anacaps Progressiv in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Exclusively for adults.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Made in France.

30 capsules