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Apivita Tonic Conditioner 150ml


Apivita Tonic Conditioner Tonic Cream For Weak Hair 150ml

Indications: Moisturising - Toning - Hair Remedy.

Use Tonic conditioner with Hippophae TC * & ** laurel for smooth & manageable hair with strength and volume after each shampooing.
It is the third step in the treatment of hair loss after Hair loss Niht serum and shampoo

* Positive effect on the expression of genes Clock (Clock: Increases the duration of the anagen phase) & Noggin Noggin (Decreases during telogenic phase). In this way awakens the life cycle of hair.
** The bay laurel oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, strengthens the hair structure, nourishes and gives shine to hair, helps damaged hair and has anti-dandruff.

Caution: The toning cream is for external use only, keep in a cool and dark place, away from children
97% of its composition with natural ingredients

Content - Packing: 150 ml (5.07 fl. Oz.)