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SKU 23828

Scholl Velvet Soft Diamond Spares 2pcs


Scholl Velvet Soft Diamond.
2 spare roll-on crystal diamond.

Replacement Velvet Soft have long micro-abrasive particles combined with fine diamond crystals. The abrasive action is effective even in hard skin, leaving your feet feeling of softness.
Use only with electric nail file Scholl velvet soft. The replacement of the roll-on, consisting when no longer effective. This depends on the frequency of use and size of the hard skin area exfoliate.
Make sure the power is off.
Remove the roll-on the device by pressing the eject button on the side and pulling it carefully. Then place the new roll-on to the device from one side first and then the other until you hear a click.
Make sure that the roll-on is correctly connected to the device before use.
Keep the outer packaging for future reference.

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