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Compeed Pads for Blisters 5Pcs


Pads for Compeed blisters in 3 different sizes. They absorb the liquid of the blister, creating ideal conditions of healing. Compeed hydrocolloid technology consists of particles that absorb moisture. Compeed pads Relieve pain instantly and reduce healing time. They act as a second skin maintaining the balance of the natural moisture of the skin so that:
-Relieves the pain caused by the blisters directly.
-They protect against friction and vibration.
-They offer quick wound healing.
They remain in place steadily for several days (this may vary depending on the case).

Blister pads.

For external use only.
Make sure the skin is clean and dry before use.
Avoid touching the adhesive side of the patch.
Leave it in place until it starts to detach itself.
It can remain in place for several days.
If you are suffering from diabetes, consult your doctor before use.

Pack with 2 small patches, 2 medium pads and 1 finger pad

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