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Compeed pads for blisters Medium, 10pcs


Compeed Medium Blister Pads are neither classic nor common patches. Their hydrocolloid technology acts as a second skin, creating a protective gel that relieves pain directly and prevents friction while creating an environment suitable to speed up the healing process.

Compeed Medium Blister Pads are specially designed for blisters in the heel area and act as a second skin for:

- Immediately relieve the pain caused by blisters.
- Protect against friction.
- Enable rapid wound healing.
- Cover and seal the wound and prevent dirt and bacteria from penetrating.

They stay in place for many hours. The duration may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Medium blisters, pain relief, quick healing

* Apply to clean and dry skin, ensuring that the blister area is free of creams or oils.
* Remove the top protective paper without touching the adhesive side.
* Fix the pad over the blister firmly and make sure the edges are firmly adhered.
* Leave it in place until it detaches on its own (note: it can stay in place for many days).
* To remove the patch: Do not pull the patch vertically from the wound. Gently push the edges alongside the skin.

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10 medium pads

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