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Myco Cel Gel 50 ml


Myco Cel Gel 50 ml

Myco Cel Gel 50 ml liposomal gel that acts against fungi. Provides antifungal and antimicrobial action to the skin, nails and interdigital area. Strengthens and heals the affected area

Skin fungal can be related to cosmetics,sunlight, diet or the immune system, when some germs can affect  our skin and cause damage. Due to the liposomes  Myco Cel gel offers targeted antiseptic and antifungal action, soothes and regenerates the skin and prevents skin moisture and odor.

Myo Cel Gel contains:

Sage, a herbal that has antibacterial action against several Gram-negative or Gram-positive bacteria. Therefore it is used as a natural pesticide or a preservative in many food products.

Rosemary, that soothes skin, heals blemishes and moisturizes it deeply. It also cures redness and irritation

The Tea Tree ingredient that keeps your skin healthy with its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Propolis acts against a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Parabens Free
Use :
Apply 3-4 times a day at the effected area until the symptoms disappear.
External Use only

Rinse your hands with water after using the product. Do not place the gel on an open wound. Keep out of reach of children

Made In Greece

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