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Nail Polish
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Korres Chip Free Base Coat Transparent Nail Base 11ml


The Korres Chip Free Base Coat is a transparent base that fills the lines of your nail, smooths and protects the surface, facilitating the application of color. The new base coat provides elasticity to the color, holds it firm and provides peel protection.

Indications: nail base coat , Nail Care, Nail Surface Grinding, Color Stabilization, Peel Prevention.

Does not contain in its composition:
Silicone, acetone, phthalate, formaldehyde, camphor, toluene

For outdoor use only.
Keep the Korres Chip Free Base Coat in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Do not use after thirty-six (36) months of first opening.
Extremely flammable product store the korres Chip Free Base Coat away from flame, heat sources, sparks.

In practical and recyclable packaging

Greek product

Barcode: 5203069070808

Contents - Packaging: 11 ml (0.37 fl oz)

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