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Podia Bunion & Metatarsal Small Dual Relief, 1 Pair


Podia Bunion & Metatarsal Small Dual Relief, 1 Pair

Podia shanks & Metatarsalgia
Rubber pad with gel
Excellent cushioning
It has great strength
Washable & reusable

Coverage and relief of the front part of the leg
With very slim design
Ultra-stretch fabric for comfort and stability

Functional characteristics
Polymer gel (internal structure)
Maximum cushioning and immediate relief of the front part of the foot by pressure and friction.
Effectively keep up the appearance of calluses and hardening. It covers 5 heads of the metatarsals.

Fabric (external structure)
Discretion to use with compatible skin coloration and particularly high levels of flexibility for guaranteed comfort and excellent fit when walking.

Anatomical designed
Special architecture that is distinguished for its ultra thin product design that is ideal for everyday use, with all kinds of shoes, even through socks.

Washable & reusable
Proper maintenance of the product increases the lifetime and efficiency

Alternative uses
It can be worn on hand to protect the thumb fatigue during manual tasks

Caution: For external use only
The product should not be placed over an open wound.
Keep away from children and pets
Size: Small
Manufactured in the EU

Package Contents: 1 pair