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Soles & Cushions
SKU 25230

Podia Heavy Duty Silicone Insoles Nr 45-46


Podia heavy duty insoles silicone

Heavy duty insoles Podia is a medical grade silicone, high quality and with high efficiency. Specially designed to help each active man to be able to meet the high demands of modern life, the fatigue and the problems caused by standing on their feet, walking and long physical labor.
The insoles relieve Podia:
> The pressure in the anterior portion of the foot
> Pressure on the metatarsal
> Pressure on the heel.
Thanks to the soft dual density silicone circles provide extra cushioning to sensitive areas, and ventilation holes for better air circulation.

They offer relief to heels, absorb vibrations and provide uniform distribution of pressure on the foot when walking.

With 100% medical grade hypoallergenic, non-toxic silicone.

The insoles can be cut to the desired size,
They can be washed and reused

Packaging: 1 pair size

Use outdoor
The product should not be placed over open wound
Keep away from children and pets