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Soles & Cushions
SKU 29529

Scholl Gel Activ insoles for Boots 35-40.5, 1Pair


The Scholl Gel Activ are insoles for boots suitable for support all day long. Insoles for winter boots with soft cloth, designed with soft gel and fabric. Built-in arch support and extra support for the front of the feet *.
remains firmly in place.
Ergonomically designed and tested in collaboration with foot care Specialists.

insoles, Winter Boots.
Suitable for sizes: 35-40.5 cm and for boots with heels lower than 5.5 cm

-detach the plastic liner and look for the left (L) identification indicator from the right (R) bottom.
-place the bottom with its sticky side downwards.
-make sure that the elevated surface of the bottom is placed under the tread Arch.
-re-insert as Needed-replace Scholl Gel Activ after 6 months or after first signs of wear attention
For external use only.
Discontinue use if you experience any side effects.

* Compared with no bottoms support.

Manufactured in China

1 Pair