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Scholl Gelactiv Women Work Insoles


Scholl Gelactiv Women Work Insoles

Gel activ work female insoles

How do they differ?
Specially designed so as to provide great comfort to the "hard-working feet", the new anatomical insoles Gelactiv work of Scholl, offer apotelesmtiki relieve the pressure on the legs particularly in cases of strong standing. Should be used at work footwear (eg boots etc) ,, and where the stillness and create standing pain or numbness in the legs.

Gelactiv technology
The Gelactiv technology provides superior cushioning and comfort in walking through a combination of gel pads that offers unique benefits. Their specific design is especially effective in absorbing vibrations, reducing the pressure caused by walking and daily activities soles, giving comfortable and relaxed foot throughout the day

The insoles are cut to the desired size
Suitable for women''s shoes, size 37-42
Remove existing insoles of your shoes before use.

Manufactured in Vietnam

Contained one pair