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Podia Soft Protection Cap Polymer Gel Large,2Pcs


The Podia gel holder is designed specifically for the active protection of the entire toe of the foot, which has a hammer, round and ring finger.
Enriched with medical grade oils, it soothes and relieves from persistent pressure and friction, while at the same time preventing the creation of calluses and stiffness.
The gelling polymeric material of which is highly resistant, elastic and gentle in use.
The special cylindrical shape of the Podia case provides complete coverage of the affected area to the fingertips while it can be cut into both, creating 2 separate pads, case and cylinder.
The Podia gel case has a stable fit and guaranteed walking comfort.
It can also be applied to the fingers of the hand.

finger gel case
Size: Large(L)

Maintenance and cleaning instructions.
The product should be washed with mild soap, rinsed with water and dried naturally in a dry and cool place. Once it has dried well, apply product in powder form.
It can also be used by people suffering from rheumatoid / deforming arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Ideal for athletes, ballerinas and people with nail problems.

Content - Packaging
2 pieces