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Eye Pencil
SKU 23668

Lavera Eye Pencil No 05 Blue, 14g


Pencil Eye color blue of lavera company.

It is a natural and creamy eyeliner in blue tint. Suitable for sensitive eyes, and has a caring and gentle texture. Enriched with organic jojoba oil and shea butter, contributes to an intense hydrating the eye area. Easy to slip on the skin, blue pencil company lavera, gives an intense and long lasting blue. The result gives is dazzling and very attractive. The look shows intense and quite sensual. Creates a stable result as it does not create "mounztoures" in the area around your eyes.
Once you paint your face finish your look with the blue pencil of lavera company.
The pencil is also available in other colors, giving your eyes a beautiful effect of long duration.

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