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After Shave
SKU 24584

Avene Men After-shave Balm 75ml


Skin Care Baume, male, aftershave,
Immediately relieves irritation and prevents microbial hazards
induced by micro-cuts during shaving. It protects the skin with a very soft protective coating.
It contains no paraben.

The benefits:

It is soothing: Rich in thermal water of Avène providing a cooling sensation, anti-irritant and soothing, offering true feeling of comfort and freshness to the skin.

It sanitizing: consolidating the skin and suppresses microbial and bacterial dangers arising from irritation of shaving.

It remedial: rectifying the affected skin from small-cuts during shaving infected razor.

It is moisturizing *: The moisturizing agents soothe, soften and soothe the skin.

* Upper layers of the skin

The Baume after-shave is suitable for sensitive male skin prone dryness.

Proper use:
Apply the product on face and neck after shaving, having rinse and dry thoroughly.
Caution: Not to be eye contact!