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After Shave
SKU 1320

Korres Marigold & Ginseng Aftershave Balm 200ml 5.07 fl oz


Non-greasy emulsion that effectively protects against irritation and moisturize skin

Ginseng extract enables the delivery of nutrients to the skin , thereby ensuring the healthy appearance of skin . The antiseptic properties of Calendula and Witch Hazel astringent action provide effective protection from irritations . The aloe and provitamin B5 soothe inflammation and redness and moisturize the skin .


The Ginseng has the ability to eliminate the sense of fatigue , increase efficiency and ability to concentrate , to help the body adapt to stress and rejuvenates . These experimentally confirmed many times that no longer challenged , and in recent years found that ginseng has a positive effect not only when taken orally , but when applied to the skin . So today with the extracts of enhanced action products that stimulate blood microcirculation and tighten the skin, improving , often so impressive , elasticity and appearance of the skin .