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Gillette Fusion Proshield shaver with Technology Flexball


GILLETTE Fusion Proshield shaver Flexball Technology

Shaver Fusion Proshield from your Gillette offers an integrated shaving and protection with two lubricating surfaces heads ProShield.

Product characteristics

By lubricating films both before and after the blades to maintain the natural moisture of the skin form a protective shield against stimuli in movement. This extra lubrication allows the blades to glide across the skin easily for an enhanced shaving experience with full protection of the skin.

The Flexball technology allows the shaver head to move in any direction, to adapt to facial contours and gives the best Gillette shave.

It has a handle with an ergonomic design with recesses in the side surfaces to wet environment and even provides a secure grip. Result: better control and deeper shaving to escape even fewer hairs.