BioAxess Rhinosectan Allergy 15ml

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BioAxess Rhinosectan Allergy 15ml

BioAxess Rhinosectan Allergy is a nasal spray which protects for rhinitis and rhinosinusitis
Rhinosectan forms a protective barrier which not only reduces but also prevents the development of nasal symptoms.Due to the xyloglucan protects the epithelia and reduces the hypersecretions of liquids. It controls and treats all rhinitis sympotoms.Rhinosectan relives symptoms of allergies caused by pollen dust etc.
1-2 puffs in each nostril 3-4 times per day
The dosage may be increased according to the symptoms
Blow your nose
Shake the bottle and remove the cap
Insert the applicator into your nostril and press down on the nozzle to puff
Rhinosectan should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to xyloglucan
Don't use for more than 6 weeks after first opening
Don't use the device if it is damaged
Keep away from children
Xyloglucan ,potassium sorbate,sodium EDTA,boric acid,sodium hydroxide and saline solution

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