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Blanx White Shock & Protect Toothpaste 50ml + Blanx Light Led

Product code: 29344
Blanx White Shock & Protect Toothpaste 50ml + Blanx Light Led

BlanX White Shock and Protect is the first toothpaste that whitens your teeth when you smile. In its unique composition includes Actilux, a pantetarismeno material whose bleach and antibacterial action is activated even by simple light! The microcrystals containing the Actilux after each brushing are bound to the tooth enamel. With every smile, the light activates the microcrystals of Actilux, making your teeth whiter, while protecting them from caries, gingivitis and other diseases of the gums and teeth.
Inside the package there is a special led BlanX lamp that is incorporated in the BlanX white Shock toothpaste and improves its bleaching and antibacterial action.
Suitable for everyday use

toothpaste, bleach and antibacterial action, plaque, caries.

Unscrew the lid and remove the safety tape from the tube. Take the blanch Led lamp from the package and screw it into the tube. Unscrew the lid to use the material. The light will illuminate outside the tube by activating the Actiluch. Brush your teeth normally and smile.

For dental use only.
Store the BlanX White Shock and Protect in a shady and cool (15-25C) place, away from children.
Do not use after 12 months after the first opening.
Contains sodium Monofthoriofwsforiko 0.72% (950 F-)

50 ml

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