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The Carnivora is 100 % absolutely PURE NATURAL product in capsules and extracts , especially plant genus Dionea Muscipula, called the Venus Fly Trap. H discovery began in Germany in 1973 by the West - German physician , oncologist , Dr Helmut Keller.


This particular German technology uses a method of manufacture that produces a 100 % pure product in capsule extract. 100 % Pure Extract has no water or other additives . Nothing added , nothing removed .


The capsule is also 100 % Pure . Silicon-containing cell powder. No toxicity.


The Carnivora Research Inc. International is the only industry in the world Carnivora .


The 17 multidimensional immune enhancing components , as described in the International Medical Bibliography, are in their natural form and the plant are as follows :


1. Droserone: Natural Antibiotic - cough suppressants


Two . Hydroplumbagin: Enhancement and Modulation of Immune - Antipathogoniki action


Three . Formic Acid: Natural Antiseptic


4. Quecertin: Antioxidant - Anti-inflammatory - Allergy - Promotes liver health , natural Diuretic


5. Myricetin : Similar properties in the Quecertin


6. Gallic Acid: Anti oxidant - Anti microbial - Immune Booster


7. Arginine: Strengthens the immune response to bacteria and viruses - repairing liver - wound healing - important in tissue regeneration .


8. Asparagin: Increases strength,


9. Threonine : Helps digestive function . Helps in metabolism and absorption of food , lowers cholesterol and prevents the increase of the thickness in the liver.


10. Glutamine: Helps maintain leukocyte populations and T cell production , supports the intestinal tract. Natural brain food , reduce fatigue , reducing the desire for sugar.


11. Alanine: Boosts the Immune factor antibodies , an important element of energy for muscle tissue , the brain and central nervous system .


12. Cysteine: Simplifies the production of Glutathione, which activates white cells ( T / B / NK cells ) to reproduce and destroy foreign substances in the body .


13. Serine: Component production of immune antibodies . The antibodies (antibodies) bonded antigens (antigens) which are toxins viruses , bacteria etc., destroy and remove from the body.


14. Histidine: found in Hemoglobin ( Hemoglobin ) . This amino acid is used in the treatment of allergies , rheumatoid arthritis, anemia , etc.


15. Proteases: Enzymes known for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Considered important line for expansion . The abnormalities of the immune and intestinal toxicity , are common deficiency of these enzymes .


16. Lipopolysaccharides: Contribute to strengthening the immune system. They have powerful antibacterial properties .


17. Phytohormone: The phyto - hormones are plant basic building blocks that the body uses to rapidly produce any hormone needed . These substances , also called plant sterols , is vital for a healthy hormonal and endocrine system . There are hormones . The Phyto - sterols is food that the body should at any rate to support the natural biological modulation of the hormonal system . Hormones are chemical substances produced by an organ or organ cells in a part of the body when we eat foods that a supplement containing these essential plant sterols , which the body uses to produce hormones needed . This is a natural process and there are synthetic medications or supplements that can imitate .


Note: Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet .

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