Carnivora Extract 30ml

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Food supplement with Carnivora.
In 1973 the West German Doctor Oncologist Dr Helmut Keller, started studying, dedicating his life to the carnivorous plant Dionaea Muscipula, the so-called Venus Fly Trap, in which the product is enriched. CARNIVORA is the 100% pure absolute particular genus of this plant extract.
The properties of the plant Carnivora is unparalleled and for such a large number of serious cases, since almost all human diseases starting from small or great failure of their immune system. The Carnivora, with a multidimensional 100% pure plant system 17 great ingredients zero toxicity, strengthens and mainly modulates the immune system to such an extent that actually fortifies, indirectly, the body against disease. Also gives the body a significant antioxidant protection for the heart and cellular function. Characterized officially as reinforcement and regulatory immune system of the human body.
The product is safe and appropriate use for vegetarians and diabetics.
DOSAGE: 1-5 drops 3 times / day.
Keep away from children.
Keep in a cool, dry place.
Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

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