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Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum 30ml

Product code: 29436
Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum 30ml

Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum contains a concentrated composition with natural salicylic acid, grape polyphenols and organic essential oils, works to reduce visible blemishes, tighten pores and improve the texture of the skin. The gel formula slides over the skin to leave it clean while organic rose controls serum levels and promotes a healthy glow without glare.

✔ Reduces imperfections
✔ Improves the texture of the skin
✔ Strengthens resources
✔ Turns on the flash

Deep cleansing, tightening pores, polishing the skin.

Apply Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum in the morning and evening on the face, neck and décolleté and allow it to be absorbed before applying your cream. Limit the application to once a day on dry skin or if after application the skin is very dry. Avoid eye cob ntour.
Let it penetrate for one minute before applying your cream.
Tip: It can also be used locally as a concentrated treatment.

For enternal use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Do not use after 9 months of first opening.

Content - Packaging
30 ml

Made in France


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