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Charak M2-Tone Tablets 60tabs

Product code: 8750
Charak M2-Tone Tablets 60tabs

The first non-hormonal menstrual regulator with estrogenic action against menstrual disorders and infertility of female
Stimulates the ovarian function and endometrial.Promotes endogenous hormonal secretions.
It acts directly on the muscles of the uterus. Improves blood circulation in the vessels of the uterus.
Controls and stops the abnormal uterine bleeding.
Increases the endometrial receptivity in the fertilized egg (Zygote) of human implantation.
Relieves premenstrual syndrome. Combats Dysmenorrhea. Stimulates the nervous system. Remove the eyerethistikotita and hot flashes.
It regulates the menstrual cycle.
Contributes to the overall hormonal balance.
Tablets: 2 tablets 2 or 3 times a day, less for 3 emminoys cycles or until the arrest.
The dosage for children should be individualized. However it is recommended that the dosage be reduced to half the adult dose.

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