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Pic Classic Antibacterial Plasters, 40pcs

Product code: 27067
Pic Classic Antibacterial Plasters, 40pcs

Pic Classic Antibacterial Plasters

Indications: Soft Pads (Patches)

Universal Pad
with antibacterial pad with chloredixini, an antibacterial substance with a high range of action that allows controlling the microenvironment of the wound and guarantees to protect the wound from contamination risks.

For external use only. Keep the "Pic Classic Antibacterial Patches" in shady and cool place, away from children. Disposable prohibits the reuse of the same or another person (lurking danger of inefficient use and pollution). Clean and disinfect the wound before applying the patch. Make sure the sticker comes in contact with a clean, dry and intact skin. It can be used in wounds that have made the wound in the skin.

Produced in Italy

Content - Packing: Paper recyclable packaging with 40 pieces (mix) of which is:
10 pieces with dimensions: 25 x 72 mm
10 pieces with dimensions: 19 x 72 mm
10 pieces with dimensions: 9.5 x 38 mm
4 pieces with dimensions: 16 x 57 mm
6 pieces with dimensions: 22.5mm

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