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CLINOFAR 30amp x 5ml Sterile Water (40+20 gift)

Product code: 25027
CLINOFAR 30amp x 5ml Sterile Water (40+20 gift)

Clinofar 30 plastic ampoules of 5 ml (40+20 gift)

The Clinofar ampoules is a sterile physiological serum, ready for use. Recommended for daily nasal hygiene of children, infants and adults, as well as the outside of the eye. Each ml contains dalymatos qsp 1ml sterile water and sodium chloride 9mg. The Clinofar in ampoules do not contain preservatives in its composition and is not for injection. After opening of the ampoule can be used within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Instructions for use :
For optimum results and optimum effective healthy infants and children apply dropping several drops in each nostril once to three times a day, or before each meal. Regarding adult one to three instillations a day is sufficient for the desired effect.

Content: 30 plastic vials in single doses of 5ml (40+20 gift).

Ingredients: Sodium chloride 0.9% (isotonic) and distilled water.

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