Color Erbe Herbal Dyeing Hair 15 Mahogany

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Plant Paint Color Erbe prepared after lengthy studies are designed to tackle various problems with the hair dyeing. Such problems are usually allergies, irritation of the skin of the head, itching, headaches, hair loss, dry, dull, weak, damaged hair.

The Color Erbe is the only vegetable dye without ammonia, resorcinol, nonoxynol and SLS. With key ingredients herbal extracts marine guercia, mallow, walnut bark, chamomile and henna, enriched with fruit acids, ceramides, wheat germ and natural vitamin C.

Covers white hair, protects and strengthens hair.
It does not create irritation or headaches.
It leaves the hair.
Not altered by the sun.
Provides shine and vitality.

The Color Erbe has 37 beautifully stylish colors that give shine and vitality to your hair since 1972.


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