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Darphin L'Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel 30ml

Product code: 27213
Darphin L'Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel 30ml

Darphin L'Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel 30ml

Indications: Facial Scrub

With L'Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel, an exfoliating product for home care professional, you can live the ultimate experience of softness and shine comparable to a scrub with a low content of glycolic acid does not cause irritation. By combination of herbal ingredients smooth and rejuvenate the skin, this new generation hopelessly product reduces drastically and directly visible signs of aging and display resources, discloses a skin healthy & invigorated and smoothes fine lines. The process of chemical peeling is necessary as aging is a process that can be slowed with weekly exfoliation.
Chemical peeling removes dead cells thoroughly:
-Anazoogonei and cleans the outer layer of the epidermis
-Proetoimazei optimally the skin for the rest of grooming
Improves the natural process of cell renewal of the epidermis

Suitable for women who have:
- pigmentation, dull skin and dark spots
- Rough skin texture
- Wrinkles and fine lines

• Gives shine and softness comparable to a professional exfoliating
• Reduces the appearance of pores
• Softens fine lines
• Minimizes the visible signs of aging

For outdoor use. Keep in shady and cool place, away from children.

Content: 30 ml

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