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Demo Newsept Eyes 30x0.5ml

Product code: 28436
Demo Newsept Eyes 30x0.5ml

Demo Newsept eyes combines the benefits that give the sodium hyaluronate and Chamomile, with the presence of Chamomile with beneficial properties does it have action as soothing, while the sodium hyaluronate is considered as the best moisturizer.
The Newsept eyes provide relief in the eyes of the dryness, fatigue from prolonged computer use, the feeling of a foreign particle, prolonged driving, the use of contact lenses, the intense study, irritation of the eyes that caused by environmental factors and dry eyes.

Eye drops a dose, dry eye, eye fatigue, eye irritation.
Active ingredient: sodium Yaloyroniko and Chamomile

1-2 drops in each eye or on the inner surface of contact lens 2-3 times a day

For ophthalmic use only.
Store in shady and cool place (< 25C), away from children.
After opening, the product (of monodosis) that has not been used

30 containers of 0.5 ml.

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