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Derma-line biorevital Cream 55ml

Product code: 20346
Derma-line biorevital Cream 55ml

Reformer - Wrinkle

Moisture - Nourishing Antioxidant Antiaging -


BIOREVITAL, the cream with the ideal composition .

It is a multipurpose 14 suitable components that have regenerative , moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties .

Heals scars and makes the skin smooth and youthful .

The 14 Specialty ingredients are in harmonious proportions and

act synergistically and effectively.

The cream contains sunscreen filters.

It is wrinkle , moisturizing . Reformer ,

Smoothes the skin heals .

Reduces scars and acne scars , corrects dischromies .

Suitable for skin irritation after skin scrapings and Peelings

It is nourishing and firming .

Causes exfoliate and removes dead skin the Cellular .

Creates deep hydration and covers all the needs of the skin 24


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