Dukan Oat Biscuits With Chocolate Coating And Chia Seeds 150g

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The Dukan diet was named after the French doctor Pierre Dukan who created it. A diet based on the consumption of proteins, lean dairy products and limited carbohydrate intake.
Dukan products are high quality, sugar-free, high-quality products that help to lose unwanted pounds and obtain the desired - thin silhouette.

Dukan oat cookies with chocolate coating and chia seeds is a crisp treat with unique flavor and all the nutritional value of oats. Individual packs of three biscuits allow you to take them with you everywhere to have a moment of enjoyment when you want it!

Why oatmeal biscuits are different:
• Rich in fiber & trace elements.
• 55% -65% oats offer unique beneficial properties and combat the sense of hunger.
• They contain no sugar or fat.
• Only 40-44 calories per biscuit.
• Crisp and delicious in 4 unique flavors.
• In individual packs with 3 cookies to enjoy at any time.

Keep it in a shady, cool place.
Overdose may cause abdominal discomfort.

16 Biscuits with a total weight of 150g

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