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Duo Extra Thin Econopy Pack Condoms 18 pcs

Product code: 28765
Duo Extra Thin Econopy Pack Condoms 18 pcs

The Duo Extra Thin Condom is so thin that it allows you to feel the warmth of your partner. The Duo Extra Thin features a new 65 mm wide head shape as well as a smooth and transparent surface with natural color
✔ Vanilla aroma neutralizer
✔ Sterile finish and lubricating coating
✔ Nominal width 56 mm
✔ With 8 high quality certificates.

Condoms, Thin condoms, Sex & Precautions

For external use only.
No contraceptive method offers 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Duo Extra Thin contains natural latex that can cause an allergic reaction to some people, including allergic shock.
Keep the Duo Extra Thin in a cool and humid place away from direct sunlight and heat, away from children.
For single use only (do not reuse)

Made in Malaysia.

Content - Packaging
18 minutes condoms

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