Fadopharm Inca Rose Maxi Bronze Salvietta Napkins Tanning 7pcs

Product Sku: 11078

Product information



Tanning wipes.

Disposable wipes, operating as helper to assign your skin a golden tan color without being exposed to the sun. Give even tan throughout the area of ​​your face without causing discolorations. Your face looks sunburned and dehydrated at all. Offers you rich moisture, keeping the skin''s moisture in balance to normal. Containing hyaluronic acid to prevent early signs of aging and coverage of fine lines. The skin retains its elasticity and firmness.

The polymer hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin, produced by fibroblasts, skin cells, and over time the amount of the body decreases. Has varied significantly high value functions such that holds moisture in the skin, repair tissues, absorbs shock and provides a protective barrier against microorganisms.

The Inca Rose Maxi Bronze Salvietta contains no sunscreen and is the most natural way of tanning, you can use.

The package contained seven (7) wipes....

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