FarmaDent Intesta Max Food Supplement 30 caps

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FarmaDent Intesta Max Food Supplement 30 caps food supplement with butyrate which acts on the intestine and maintains its balance. Suitable for people with intestinal disorders who have high butyrate needs. 

FarmaDent Intesta Max Food Supplement 30 caps contains:

Butyric Acid which is a short-chain fatty acid , found in butter, milk and its derivatives. It is produced naturally in the human body in the large intestine, as a result of the fermentation of dietary fibers.

  • It is the main source of energy for the cells of the large intestine (colonocytes)
  • Reduces intestinal pH, creating an inhospitable environment for the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Contributes in the water and electrolytes absorb  in the large intestine thus minimizing diarrhea
  • Heals the damage & alterations of the large intestine

In the unhealthy large intestine, both the quantity and quality of butyric acid are highly disturbed, so its replenishment can significantly contribute to the restoration of the intestinal mucosa and the marked improvement of symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain & constipation


According to your doctor's advice 

Don't exceed the recommended dosage.Keep it in dry and cool place away from children. Food supplements are not intended to prevent or treat human disease.In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or treatment consult your doctor

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