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ITF Floja plus Food supplement 30 capsules

Product code: 24754
ITF Floja plus Food supplement 30 capsules

Floja plus food supplement 30 capsules

The Floja plus food supplement 30 capsules are an ideal nutritional supplement with specialized and appropriate composition to safely and more effectively treat and suppress the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The composition consisting of calcium, soy extract (54,4mg isoflavone soy), vitamin D, as well as B vitamins (B6, B9 and B12) .Symvalei the quality of life of the woman who is in menopause, and is natural and simplest solution for its support.

Soy isoflavones: 54,4 mg, Calcium: 200 mg, Vitamin D3: 7,5 mg, Vitamin B6: 1,4 mg, Vitamin B9: 200 mg, Vitamin B12: 2,5 mg

Instructions for use :
Recommended daily dose: Apply taking one capsule daily with a glass of water. Proper receiving daily soy isoflavones is 54,4 mg. Consult your pharmacist or your doctor because in some cases it may be necessary to download a specific dose.

Do Not use during pregnancy and do not exceed the recommended daily dose. To avoid alcohol consumption after the expiry date stated on the packaging and stored in a dry and cool place and away from children. As a food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.


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